Dear Democrat,

The 2018 Massachusetts Democratic Party primary is an unusually active and interesting one. In Boston, we have competitive races for the party’s nominations for the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Register of Deeds, District Attorney, and Representative in the United States Congress.

Inspired by Ayanna, I have decided to explore a run for U.S. Congress from Massachusetts’s 7th District, which includes parts of Boston, Cambridge & Milton; and all of Chelsea, Everett, Randolph & Somerville.

As many Democrats are seeking alternatives to incumbency in Washington, a two-way race between ideologically identical opponents is unlikely to generate progress in the realm of ideas or encourage firm commitments by candidates immediately to address the most urgent and critical issues now facing the American people.

While the problems in Washington are legion, the people of Massachusetts embody the qualities we need in our future American leaders: if we are ever to untangle the dense web of interrelated agencies ensconced on the Potomac and realign the priorities of our public servants – better to reflect the needs of Americans and the realities of our global situation.

I like Mike, and I love Ayanna: I am exploring a candidacy for Congress because I want my next Representative to do more than vote against a peevish President or with a Democratic majority. I want my next Representative urgently to advocate; boldly to challenge failed ideas; and acutely to focus on the principles that built the Bay State and our nation: freedom, tolerance, and industry.

I want my next Representative to know that now is the time to end the wars, balance the budget, and defend the Constitution.

I ask for your support.

Sean Ryan